Ticket Credit

Turn Toll Tickets into MOV Pass Account Credits


Have toll tickets you purchased prior to the closure of Memorial Bridge?


Turn them in for MOV Pass account credits to get ready for all-electronic tolling and travel across the beautiful, rehabilitated, and modernized Memorial Bridge!

  • Tickets must be turned in all at once at the Parkersburg Bridge Partners Customer Service Center during the time of account creation.
  • Customers will sign a waiver agreeing to the number of tickets turned in, class of tickets, and dollar amount of credit.
  • Customers have until 12/31/2023 to submit toll tickets for credit.
  • The cutoff date for using credits is 12/31/2024.
  • Toll ticket credits may not be used for Pay-by-Plate fees or monthly unlimited pass accounts.
  • If a MOV Pass account becomes inactive with ticket credits remaining on the account, those credits will not be refunded. Only monies loaded on the account by the customer will be refunded.