Customer Service Update

Customer Service Update

Creating a MOV Pass account and properly installing a transponder sticker continue to be key for paying the lowest rates and taking advantage of any upcoming promotions for Memorial Bridge.


The recent demand for assistance with opening and managing accounts has resulted in longer than desired wait times and affected our ability to continuously offer efficient and outstanding customer service. We have heard your concerns and have implemented various technical updates and customer service initiatives to reflect our commitment to being good community partners and assist customers with resolving their account-related concerns:


  1. Effective immediately, we are suspending late fees and account escalation through September 30, 2024, allowing ample time and opportunity for customers to reach us with account or invoice questions.
  2. We are adding and training staff to minimize wait times at our Call Center.
  3. We’ve added a call-back feature to the toll-free number so customers don’t have to stay on hold to wait for assistance.
  4. The toll-free number was also updated with additional self-service options like making a payment and checking your balance without having to wait for a representative.

In addition to that support, we continue to work one-on-one with customers at our local Customer Service Center:

  • Waiving fees for those who create a MOV Pass account for future travel across Memorial Bridge.
  • Answering customer questions and providing clarity on electronic tolling.

We want to reassure the community:

  • We are here to help customers with any unresolved questions or concerns.
  • We offer resources and answers to commonly asked questions at [email protected].


As always, we encourage you to set up your MOV Pass account and get a transponder sticker. Accounts can be created online, in person, or by phone.

Tips for Paying Less to Travel on Memorial Bridge

  1. Get a MOV Pass online, in person or by phone to guarantee paying the lowest rates ($1 versus $4.50). Three easy, convenient ways to create an account:
  2. Get your Pay-by-Mail invoice slashed just by creating a MOV Pass account for future travels. Come and see us at 2311 Ohio Avenue, Unit E in Parkersburg or call 855-643-4389.
  3. Avoid late fees by paying invoices online (posts immediately to your account) OR be sure to mail checks promptly to the address on the invoice if paying by check (takes 7-10 days to process after receipt).
  4. Maintain your MOV Pass account with your updated vehicle registration and valid payment method. Your account will automatically default to the higher Pay-by-Mail rate if either expires.
  5. Take advantage of our $30/mo pass for unlimited trips across the bridge.