Parkersburg Memorial Bridge

Preserving history while positioning for the future


Parkersburg Memorial Bridge is a vital gateway through the Mid-Ohio Valley, linking communities, serving employment centers and emergency routes while promoting economic development.


Parkersburg Bridge Partners is committed to safe and effective maintenance of the Memorial Bridge as it assumes ownership from the City of Parkersburg. We will design, rehabilitate, own, operate and maintain the bridge to a high standard. Most importantly, we will establish roots in Parkersburg, hire local employees and become an active member of the community.


As a local subsidiary of United Bridge Partners, the complete rehabilitation project is fully funded and uses no local, state or federal funds for construction or operations.


One lane of Memorial Bridge is open during construction.

Drivers are asked to follow the posted 25 MPH speed limit, stop at the remote traffic signals when the light is red, and only move forward when the light turns green. Keep traffic moving by driving safely and without distraction! Click here for the latest traffic alerts and progress reports on the rehabilitation.




Parkersburg Memorial Bridge is open during construction. Tolls and toll process will not change during the rehabilitation project.


Parkersburg Bridge Partners will design, rehabilitate and modernize Memorial Bridge, delivering a like-new structure for the community and traveling public to enjoy for a minimum of 50 years. To the extent possible, we will employ a union workforce and use local materials, suppliers and equipment. Our construction schedule is intended to minimize impacts to the Parkersburg community, and important information will communicated on a regular basis.

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