Tolling Rates



When it reopens in 2023, Memorial Bridge will provide a convenient route across the Ohio River and welcome commercial and freight traffic that was previously restricted.


A decorative lighting, cast-in-place bridge deck, and approach roadways are transforming Memorial Bridge into a landmark in which the community can take pride.


  • Saves time, miles, and fuel

  • Consistent and reliable route

  • Electronic tolling = no stopping at toll booth

  • Most efficient route between Parkersburg and Belpre

  • Trucks and commercial traffic are welcome

  • Fewer tight turns for trucks

  • Commercial drivers can get to more jobs in less time

  • Saves truckers driver hours


The Parkersburg Memorial Bridge will be an “all-electronic” toll facility designed to provide you with a smooth and easy drive. There will be no toll booths to slow traffic down. Tolls can be paid using a transponder or “Pay by Plate.”


Transponder – A transponder is an electronic toll collection device that drivers install on their windshield using the instructions provided by the issuing tolling authority. Equipment on the bridge will read the signal, determine the correct toll, and deduct the amount from a prepaid account balance. A transponder is needed for the monthly subscription rate and $1 per crossing rate for Class 1 vehicles. Transponders will be provided when you open and fund an account.


Drivers will be able to set up MOV Pass accounts and obtain a transponder when our office and/or customer service website becomes available. More details will be shared soon. If you already have an E-ZPass account with another tolling authority, your E-ZPass transponder is compatible and can be used to pay for tolls on the bridge. Further information about registering your E-ZPass will be provided at a later date.


Monthly Flat Fee – Drivers also have the option of paying a $30 flat monthly fee for unlimited Class 1 vehicle crossings with transponder.


Pay by Plate – If you cross the bridge without a valid and funded account, an invoice will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner. Note, Pay by Plate rates will include additional administrative fees.

Pre-register for a MOV Pass

This will allow us to contact you directly with tolling information and instructions when it’s time to set up and fund your transponder account. You will be able to do this online, at our customer service center, community events and more locations, to be determined.

    Click here for a printable project fact sheet