Important Updates Regarding Memorial Bridge Toll Transactions and Billing

Important Updates Regarding Memorial Bridge Toll Transactions and Billing

The following are important updates about Memorial Bridge toll transactions and billing, specifically Pay-by-Mail invoices and auto-replenishment for MOV Pass account customers.


MOV Pass Account Customers

MOV Pass account holders with questions or wanting to pay a portion of their account balance before auto-replenishment begins are encouraged to stop in and visit the Parkersburg Bridge Partners Customer Service Center, 2311 Ohio Avenue, Unit E, or call 855-643-4389. Check for current hours of operation.


Pay-by-Mail Customers 

If you receive a Pay-by-Mail invoice, you can access your account information and make a payment using the information on your invoice to log on to


We encourage Pay-by-Mail customers to reduce their bill by taking advantage a limited-time offer:

  • Create a MOV Pass account for future travels across Memorial Bridge, and Parkersburg Bridge Partners will adjust Pay-by-Mail toll transactions to the lower, MOV Pass rate based on vehicle class.
  • Offer only valid for transactions on first invoice, and payment in full of the adjusted balance is required.
  • Customers can call 855-643-4389 or visit 2311 Ohio Avenue, Unit E, to open an account and redeem this offer.

E-ZPass account holders

Customers who have used Memorial Bridge with a compatible E-ZPass transponder, should be seeing activity on their E-ZPass account.