PARKERSBURG, W.VA. — Memorial Bridge will remain closed throughout the remainder of the rehabilitation project. The bridge is expected to reopen in early fall 2023 to both passenger cars and commercial traffic. Keeping Memorial Bridge closed will shorten the construction timeline by three months and help keep workers safe.


Memorial Bridge closed to traffic Monday, September 12. An approved maintenance of traffic plan was installed when construction began, and a series of increased traffic safety measures were implemented throughout the project. This included law enforcement ticketing drivers who ran the stop light on the remote traffic signals and exceeded the work zone speed limit. Despite the use of these measures, some drivers continued to violate traffic safety regulations. Memorial Bridge officials determined that closing the bridge throughout the remainder of construction was the best way to maintain safety for both workers and motorists.


“We understand that closing Memorial Bridge makes a big impact on traffic and is an inconvenience for residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley. However, the safety of our workers and the traveling public is our highest priority. Keeping the bridge closed throughout the remainder of the rehabilitation both shortens the construction timeline and promotes safety for all,” said Ken Szeliga, Executive Vice President of Construction and Operations for United Bridge Partners. “We look forward to reopening a fully rehabilitated Memorial Bridge that we hope will become a point of pride and convenience in the community.”


Parkersburg Bridge Partners has been working with Parkersburg Mayor Tom Joyce, Belpre Mayor Michael Lorentz, city police departments and other public safety officials to keep Memorial Bridge safe, and will continue to do so throughout the construction project.


“City officials and I have been working closely with Parkersburg Bridge Partners on the closure and rehabilitation details, and agree with the decision to keep Memorial Bridge closed until construction is complete. They have to keep drivers and workers safe,” said Mayor Joyce. “We are satisfied with the accelerated opening date, transparency and partnership the City continues to receive from Parkersburg Bridge Partners.”


Understanding that many toll tickets are still in circulation due to the unexpected closure of Memorial Bridge, Parkersburg Bridge Partners is working through details of a toll ticket credit or refund program. Information on applying for and receiving a credit or refund will be announced once program details are finalized.


To provide the community with avenues to learn more about the Memorial Bridge project in a casual setting, Parkersburg Bridge Partners is hosting two open houses later this month. Community members can meet representatives of the construction, engineering and operations teams and learn more about the rehabilitation.


These will take place:
Tuesday, November 29 from 5-7 p.m. at the Wood County Society building, 317 8th St. in Parkersburg
Wednesday, November 30 from 5-7 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at Belpre Elementary School, 2000 Rockland Ave. in Belpre